PES: COMPLAINTS HANDLING PROCEDURE  Private Equity Services ( "PES") has a complaints handling procedure that provides for the possibility to lodge a complaint concerning the professional behavior of  PES professionals, as well as perceived irregularities in connection with services provided by PES.  The complaints handling procedure is designed to ensure that complaints are properly investigated and are given careful and fair consideration.  The complaints handling procedure is part of the system of quality improvement and evaluation applied by PES.  In recognition that there may be legitimate complaints which individuals wish to raise, PES is committed to maintaining an effective complaints handling procedure. PES further  recognises that lessons can be learned from complaints, enabling it to improve the quality and effectiveness of its services. The complaints handling procedure is in principle intended for clients of PES, however this procedure is also available to other parties. * Only complaints made under Articles 1 and 2 of the PES Regulation for the       Handling of Complaints shall be taken into consideration.